Wall Decorative Ancient Coin Frame

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Wall Decorative Ancient Coin Frame

Wall Decorative frame, made of pine wood with marble stone chip glass on top.

Coin is a piece of metal used for financial transaction. It has a defined weight with stamped symbols of authority. Basically, coin system derived from a way of exchange and before that the subcontinent had passed through a longer period of simple exchange system like barter and gifts.

Coins of Bengal were associated with currency system of the Indian subcontinent. During that time, different types of coins were found in different timeline of history, periodically known as Ancient period, Sultani, Afghan, Mughal, Muslim period, Colonial, Pakistani period etc. These coins were differed in form, shape, weight, quality, metal as well as symbology. In this Coin Series Frame Hat Bakso has introduced four of the most prominent coins from Ancient period, Sultani period and Colonial period has been introduced which has left remarkable marks in Archaeological history.

1. Punch-marked Coin (Janapada Series) Provenance: Wari-Bateshwar Region, Narsingdi District During the earliest phase of civilization, the indigenous coins were being familier with the people of this land as the Lauhitya Janapada coins were obtained from Wari- Bateshwar region of Narshingdi. These Janapada series punch marked silver made coins were denominated as Ardha-Karshapana.

2. Punch-marked Coin (Imperial Series) Provenance: Shahebgonj, Gaibandha district The Imperial Series Punch marked silver made coin Tripada- karshapana have been obtained from Shahebgonj in Gaibandha district. It denotes that Bengal being an integral part of Indian currency system and the monetary activities.

3. Sultani Coin (Bengal Sultanate): The Silver made Sultani coin denominated as Tanka was issued by Ali Mardan Khalji. The Sultans and Provincial Governors were known for having their names engraved on the coins and Khutbah as a way of proclaiming their authority and independent position. The obverse of this coin represents a Horseman to left holding mace, Kalima (partly visible) and date illegible.

4. British Indian Coin (Ek Pai Sikka): During the colonial period The East-India Company made a historic reformation by introducing machine for the first time in manufacturing coins in the Indian sub-continent. East-India Company issued the Copper made 6.18 gm coin in the name of Shah Alam II and denominated 1 Pai. One tola or 180 grains was fixed as the standard value. The Ek pai sikka is written in Bangla, Persian and Hindi script.

Product Code GF 10
Item Coin Frame
Material Marble Stone, pinewood, and glass
Size in Inches 16” x 7.5” x 1.25 ”
Price 1100



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