About Hat Bakso

Hat Bakso is a designing and manufacturing firm from Bangladesh. A Tourism Souvenir specialist first on it class, Hat Bakso takes the very first initiative to develop the miniature replicas and fridge magnets of the most popular heritage and tourists sites of Bangladesh. It has started its journey back in 2015, after proper research and product development it has launched in the market back in 2017. Its main products are Miniature Replica, Fridge magnets, thematic wall frames, Lapel Pins, Book mark etc. Hat Bakso aims to develop world class Tourism Souvenir through which we can represent Bangladesh differently all around the world.

The tourism sector of Bangladesh is getting popular day by day. We are now having both foreign and domestic tourists to a great extent and their number is ever increasing. But in one sector the whole tourism sector is lagging behind. In all the tourists’ heaven around the world, they offer some interesting and unique tourism souvenir to the tourists. Among these many souvenirs, the miniature 3D replicas of the popular tourist sites/ historical sites are all time hit. Unfortunately in our country, we never have such type of souvenir to promote our countries to the foreigners.

If we visit foreign countries we collect souvenir from that particular country. Most of the time these replicas are the miniature version of the profound architecture or heritage sites of the countries .Like in India we get the replica of Tajmahal, in Paris we get the miniature replica of Eifel Tower etc. Beside some unique colorful fridge magnets, key rings of the most popular places are also very famous among the tourist. But it is a matter of regret that though we possess some excellent historical architectures with glorious historical background we do not have replicas of those not even the fridge magnets. So there is a huge lacking in this sector. No initiative has been taken before, so here we are with this concept. We design and manufacture the miniature 3D replica of the most popular historical architectures of Bangladesh. In this course already we have prepared the replica of Shahid Minar, Lal Bagh, Ahsan manjil,Curzon hall , National parliament building, National Memorial, Oporajeyo Bangla. Design and outlook matters the most in this souvenir development. For this we have hired a bunch of talented young current and former students from Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University.


So here is Hat Bakso, preparing the 3D miniature replica, fridge magnets, Thematic Wall Frames, Desktop Calendars, Lapel Pins, key chain, thematic desktop gift items of the popular historical/popular sites/architectures of this country. Go with the flow of international tourism souvenir industry and make our tourism sector to promote a positive Bangladesh with the finest tourism souvenirs from us.

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